Why Choose Us?
Why Choose Us?
Akela offers personal attention, continuity and accountability. Short set-up times and rapid response are key elements in our service.
"I have no hesitation in recommending Akela for performing Clinical Research oversight...."
Contact Us
Contact Us
Telephone or email for information on our services or career opertunities.
Site Selection & Qualification

We have a database of experienced European investigators, including experts in the following indications:
  • CNS
  • HIV
  • oncology
  • cardiovascular
  • endocrinology
We will compile a short list of investigators for your trial.

We will perform pre-study site visits internationally.

We will provide an independent recommendation of sites for inclusion.

We can help you manage your trials in the US, Canada, Europe, RSA and Australia either by staffing your project ourselves or assisting you to select the most appropriate vendor.

Telephone enquiries:   +44 (0) 1837 82165

    Protocol Review

    Site Selection & Qualification

    Site Initiation

    Site Management

    Vendor Selection

    SOP Writing

    Project Management


    Clinical Operations Advice

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